eames | the architect and the painter

What a fantastic documentary, I can’t wait to see it!! Ray & Charles Eames are two of the most influential and inspiring individuals of the last century. It’s showing now at ACMI untill the 17th June.

herbert matter | documentary

The Visual Language Of Herbert Matter looks at the lifes work of Swiss born graphic designer & photographer Herbert Matter.  His clients included Ray & Charles Eames, Knoll, Art & Architecture, Vogue & Harpers Bazaar.

acrylic | emmanuelle moureaux

Another amazing architect | designer I’ve discovered via designboom is emmanuelle moureau.  This french born, Tokyo based designer is responsible for all these amazing images above.
Shibafu table |  56 coloured  slender acrylic sticks supporting a transparent acrylic panel.
| beautiful business card holder.
|  colourful pure wool felt, desk mats, felt is available in 16 colours.
Sugamo Shinkin Bank
| Niiza Branch, Saitama | re-design of interior, exterior and branding.

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